Server Rules

Breaking any one of these WILL result in either being banned from the game, retired from the game, or even deleted from the server! So it's advised you read them carefully.

The game Admin's are the Final Judges of whether these rules have been broken. Though the Server Admin has the very-final say (hey, it's our bandwidth).

  1. Only One account per person. Under absolutely no circumstances may a player have more than one account. Multiple accounts will be deleted pro-actively without warning, and without the possibility of reprieve!
  2. You may not create an account for anyone other than yourself.
  3. Do not give your account password to anyone. Especially not to allow them to baby-sit your account (to do stuff for you).
  4. Amoung other reasons, giving out your password can result in your account being stolen/abused. This if for your protection.
  5. Absolutely No Bug exploitation. If you find a bug, report it to the Admin. If something doesn't behave in the way you think it should. Report it.
  6. Do not log into any account other that the one that you created.
  7. Do not post harrasing, defamatory, racist etc, etc posts to any in-game forums or to users within the game.
  8. Do not post profanity (swear words, explicit material, etc, etc) to the in-game forums. The Admin decides what is classed as profanity. Not the user.
  9. Do not use a tool or program to access your account and play the game for you (otherwise known as a robot). Each account may only be used by one sentient being.
  10. Follow any specific in-game rules if there are any.

The Above rules are subject to change without notice.

Disclaimer: The Server Admins/Operators are not responsible for the content of the site, nor are they obliged to let you create, or keep an account. The Server Admins/Operators are not responsible for any problems you may encounter, or that may be caused by your use of this site. The Server Admins/Operators have the right to delete accounts or ban IP adresses without warning or reason.

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