Kiddie Kartel

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Manifesto: Lemonade and Cookies are my trade. Paper Boys and Bullies are at my beck and call. I rule with sugar and sweets. This neighborhood is mine, and I will have a lemonade stand on every corner and a Simple Bake Oven at every home. I will have bullies with the latest plastic weaponry and Paper Boys with the fastest Bikes in town.

I am a member of the Kiddy Kartel, and I own this neighborhood... at least until 8:00 when my mom makes me go to bed.

- Billy (Big Kid of the Kartel)

Kiddy Kartel Rules
  1. Your Secret Name has to be something that we can say in front of our parents. So don't use any curse words.
  2. Your Neighborhood also has to be something we can say in front of our parents. Otherwise, we can't talk about you at all.
  3. Make sure you remember your Secret Password!

If you don't follow the Kiddy Kartel Rules, we'll have to send our High Schoolers with aluminum bats after you.

Welcome to the Kiddy Kartel Gateway. This game is a PHP driven Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) written by Dragonfly Game Design and Matthew Rutledge to teach you how to write your own PHP driven MMOG.

We hope you enjoy playing Kiddy Kartel, and designing your own MMOG from this codebase.

©2003 Dragonfly Game Design, LLC. -
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