The SocialMUD Initiative

Have you ever wanted to hunt down your friends and kill them?

The purpose of "The SocialMUD Project" is to find and develop the most promising options for those who wish to run their own game server or build a community which includes gaming elements. On this site you will find resources and demos that will help you get your gaming community online!
  • Your own personalized game and chat environment for your club, organization, or friends and family.
  • A fun way to keep in touch with your entire team.
  • Hunt and kill your social media friends and then take their money.
  • Easy to install and pre-configured with several sample themes to start with.
  • Can be run on most website hosting packages (scalable).


  • One of the primary goals is to contribute to the game developer community by providing a platform that aspiring or novice game developers can deploy easily and without large expense.
  • A secondary goal of mine is to generate a little revenue from the ads that display to help pay for my college tuition. :)


  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Player vs Player
  • Put a Bounty on Someone
  • Hire Mercenaries
  • Get Companions
  • Go on a Quest
  • Start or Join a Tribe
  • Secret Group Chats


  • Ad Sponsored - Our community generates revenue by displaying targeted advertising.
  • Private Community - You must be referred by someone to join our community for free.
  • Bonus Survival Kit - Make a donation and receive an in-game surprise bonuses!
  • Tournaments - Low cost entry fee and win cash prizes.

Source Requirements:

  • Uses PHP with MySQL database
  • Licensing that allows for modification and distribution
  • No-cost licensing of core scripts
  • HTML 5 / CSS 3 valid markup
  • Attractive interface which can be themed
  • More...

Development Roadmap:

  • Integrate social network login
  • Mobile platform compliant
  • No pop-ups
  • Language translations
  • More...

Additional Info:

  • If you have any questions or input regarding this project, please contact me using the support system at, or on my website

  • PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR THE SOURCE CODE!! This project is in "Beta Test" phase so if you want to participate, play the game and submit constructive information. When testing is complete the code will be published here on this website for everyone to download for free.

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