Have you ever wanted to hunt down your friends and kill them?

The purpose of "The SocialMUD Project" is to find and develop the most promising options for those who wish to run their own game server or build a community which includes gaming elements. On this site you will find resources and demos that will help you get your gaming community online!
  • Your own personalized game and chat environment for your club, organization, or friends and family.
  • A fun way to keep in touch with your entire team.
  • Hunt and kill your social media friends and then take their money.
  • Easy to install and pre-configured with several sample themes to start with.
  • Can be run on most website hosting packages (scalable).
Before computers and the Internet, fantasy role-playing games were played on a physical game board and often involved 20-sided dice. Some players even liked to physically enact their drama. With the development of computers and the Internet there have been vast improvements in game technology. Currently, there are literally hundreds of games written to run on a website independent of application code that must be installed.

MUD is an acronym which stands for "Multiple User Dungeon" and is now somewhat synonymous with the more popular term, RPG. A RPG (role-playing game) is a game genre where the player controls the actions of a protagonist (or several adventuring party members) immersed in a fictional world. Many role-playing video games have origins in pen-and-paper role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, and use much of the same terminology, settings and game mechanics. Other major similarities with pen-and-paper games include developed story-telling and narrative elements, player character development, complexity, as well as replay-ability and immersion. The electronic medium removes the necessity for a game-master and increases combat resolution speed. RPGs have evolved from simple text-based console-window games into visually rich 3D experiences. A common criteria for whether a game is an "RPG" is whether the game has a complex storyline, and whether the character goes through different places, fighting bosses and communicating with both friends and enemies.
Here's a groovey little pile I got from game-dev.pl.
Breaking any one of these WILL result in either being banned from the game, retired from the game, or even deleted from the server! So it's advised you read them carefully.