Quantum Star: Generations v0.7.2c

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Quantum Star SE is a browser-based space strategy and trading game played across a mapped galaxy against other players. Utilizing mining, trading, research, and production through easy-to-use tools, QS enables both broad micro-management of resources or more "aggregated" methods. Players compete, combat enemy fleets, and manage planets to become the "last man standing". Players aim to upgrade their fleets of mining and war vessels, support their planets, and produce fighters all in order to defeat enemy clans, and fractions, of other players. No user downloads are required, and the game is free to host or play.
QS: Generations 0.7.2 Core code by Padraic Brady based on Solar Empires Extensions by Ikoda and Fransie Version 0.7.1 release by Lee Conlin (AKA Hades) © 2005-2006 Quantum Star Project and Individual Authors


- stuck on pause
- game create / admin quirky
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