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Get a virtual pet and raise it having fun and adventure along the way. Powered by itixsoft vPet Engine V.2.1


Here is a short checklist of some things you might want to do before you get started!

  1. Get a pet - Many of the things on our site you CANNOT do without a pet, so go here and get a starting pet!
  2. Set up your profile! - Everyone will be able to see this, so make sure it has the information you want everyone to know about you :)
  3. Set up a Shop - These are a great way to bring in some extra points!
  4. Check the forums - There's always great conversations and awesome people to help you out there!
  5. Play Games - Another great way to have fun and make some points!
  6. Search For Pets - Our site offers a unique search for pets game, where you wander around a map and find pets. Once you find pets you use your nets to try and capture them. This is the only way to get more then your starting pet!

Hope this helps you! If you still need help after reading this then ask on the forums, someone will be glad to help you :)


- NOT fully compatible w/ php 5.3
- Supports fastphp 5.2 w/ extra security

Income Potential

In addition to ad revenue it can have "Platinum Memberships" for a one-time setup fee.

Ready to go PREMIUM? Well, here's your chance! For just one low payment of $priceUSD ($priceCAD Canadian) your account will be upgraded to unlock many hidden features around the site!! Below is a list of features that will only be available to you when you go PREMIUM!! You only need to pay ONCE in your LIFE!!

10% off items in the official shops!
- That's right, you will receive a bonus 10% on your current discount rate when you register!

10 Free Shop and Gallery Upgrades - By registering you will recieve 10 tokens to upgrade your Shop (to use whenever you want) and 10 tokens to upgrade your Gallery (to use whenever you want).

Display Name Upgrades - Tired of looking like all the other display names out there? You will have advanced options to set your display name so that whenever it shows it could look like this: CooL GuY42139 Instead of this: CooL GuY42139

Bigger Mailbox - Premium members will now be able to hold 250 Mails in their mailbox! That's 5x more what you normally get!

Forums Colors - You will be able to set the text of your messages in forums, and the background color of the message!

Instant Level Boosts - When you register you will automatically gain 2 level for your user and 1 level for each of your pets!

Customized Mails - Impress your friends by sending them a letter with Text and Background colors! (Also used on forums!!)

Cheap Search for Pets - Pay only 300 points when searching/fishing for pets! You can save 450 ohms EVERY time!!

Bank Interest Raise - Your bank account will start receiving an extra 2% interest on your account now!! Woo!!

Fountain of Health - Can be used every 15 minutes instead of every 30 minutes!!

Random Points Game - Can be played every 3 hours instead of every 6 hours!!

Slots - You can spin the slots 500 Times an hour once you upgrade!!


By upgrading to premium, half of the membership fees go straight to support our site!!

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