List of additional RPGs from Poland

Here's a groovey little pile I got from


[en] - Another game gangster who has a huge amount of graphics and an interesting look. The only downside in total in addition to code because it does not wgladalem is that the game is in Dutch.
5.12 Mb

Anarchy War

[en] - It is the economic game, in English. It has a small amount of images but as it has plenty of options.
3.33 Mb

Civilization Age of Knights

[Devana] [en] - Civilization Age of Knights - this is a reworked version of the game Devana. What I can speak to us to get this version is a new design which, in my opinion looks nice.
5.78 Mb

Comand RPG

[en] - Comand RPG is a new free online game. In the game you play the soldiers, which comes in a variety of equipment. In fighting the weather is important, therefore, when it rains it's your soldier wears off, and when the weather is nice you soldier, struggles with maximum force.
172.08 kb


[ru] - Combats - fight type game and get experience. I can not say much, because it is in Russian, which I did not have time conflicts.
3.61 Mb


[en] - It is a gangster game engine with up to a nice graphic design. The engine is slightly spolszczony but to make the game enjoyed some success on the internet you need a little time to spend with her.
5.37 Mb


[Devana] [en] - Crusadesage is another modification devany. Home may be of interest (see screenshot), however, have rejected the measure, is devoid of graphics. However, it is downloaded to the super-made buildings.
3.27 Mb


[ru] - DarkGame - this is a rpg game, it is minimally polonized, I have no idea who the author of locale. But he deserves a big round of applause! The game has a nice exterior design.
11.31 Mb

Dirty Life

[en] - Summary of functions: - Register - System News - Panic [Panic at the other player does not make sense, I planned to do some Turówka] - Exchange [Sales, Purchase Cars] - Casino [Here I made a typo and not doing UPDATE] - Vote in Toplists! [After zaglosowaniu in Topki player receives a few hundred cash] - Chat - Car Show [Buying Cars] - Garage [Activation, Deactivation Cars] - Support [so. Online Help] - Prison - Training [Melee, Strength, Dexterity, etc..] - Work - Fuel Station - Race - Gang [Gang Simple, Create, Accept the Player Discard Add money] - Prostitutes - Bank [Daily interest rate of 3%] - Night Club [A good way for the renewal of Energy]
159.47 kb


[en] - This is a RPG game engine in Polish. It has a small amount of options and a small amount of graphics, but is written pozadnie written so suitable as a base.
142.92 kb


[en] - ErPg is a game similar to vallheru. We have your character, which we train and fight him. Page some do not "hold the water," but can order boxes, probably an error in the coding part. Most importantly, the game is in Polish.
1.38 Mb

Ezrpg v1.0

[en] - Ezrpg is a "game" RPG as its name implies. It is written object and includes a smarty template system, which separates the source code of HTML. As I wrote in the forum, you have to toil to create the game. By the engine left us records in the file docs, through which we can think about his motor development. I continue to use this road, which he began. Engine version features: private messages, change your password and ranking of players, adding skills and few things more.
729.85 kb


[en] - It is a game in the world gangster game Grand Theft Auto. There is little build up and not sin graphics. In total, the only plus is that it is polonized in about 80%.
349.40 kb


[other] - Ikariam is a well-known brand, I is not never played but the graphics from what I see is fantastic! The game can be and has been used by many programmers and developed, but the snag is that it is in Arabic (?) I'm not sure. Certainly it is a language written from right to left.
7.61 Mb


[en] - Kravian is another clone of the popular game called Travian earning $. I can not compare what's the difference and which has similar characteristics, because I did not play in Travian Smile. The English language version of the game. If you like strategy can put this game on your server.
5.35 Mb

Mafia Script

[en] - This is one of the better engines gangster, but it is encoded.
5.83 Mb

Dark Knights KG v0.2

[en] - Dark Knights [KG v0.2] is a game written by service. The graphics are "borrowed" from a game of Russian origin. Eye of the player, the game is not the worst. It could use a little tuning. I powymieniac pictures, because anyone who saw a syringe in a game in which the main fiddle plays a sword? The engine has a license.txt file, I invite you to familiarize yourself with it:
680.98 kb


[en] - This is a free version of the game. Is similar to the game Margonem or My-Fantasy.
5.48 Mb


[en] - Orodlin is an earlier version of the game engine, which can be found at: So I wonder what I write here, the game is on the engine vallheru (in fact, was once a very popular engine). The game has no graphics, you have to add it to the extra money.
2.77 Mb


[en] - PhpSGE is a game build, recruit fight. The game is written structurally.
566.46 kb


[en] - Promisance economic game, build buildings, create an army and we are happy. Seriously, the game does not have a graphic, if we want to achieve something with it, we should invest in the graphic. He has a lot of options that can be useful to some.
116.16 kb

Santic Engine v0.2.2

[en] - Santic Engine v0.2.2 is an earlier version of the game at The game is about coaching his character and walczeniu her. Also you can perform missions. Santic can be likened to vallheru, the gameplay is virtually the same. The game is based on the engine vallheru.
5.97 Mb


[de] - It is a game-type galaxy, the action takes place in the cosmos. Language games are German.
3.27 Mb

Spirit of Gaia

[en] - Spirit of Gaia - it is a role-playing game. Many more can I say no, because the file is missing registration. Through this you can not log on.
367.34 kb

Tallos 1.3

[en] - It is vallheru edited by McFly.
2.66 Mb

Ugamela by Freeq

[en] - It is ugamela by freeq, it is much improved relative to other similar engines. It is a light version for servers and is ideal for rework. Playing in Polish.
4.32 Mb

Ugamela by TT

[en] - UGamela is a game similar to Ogame. But this is not the same thing as the so-called Xnova game.
1.24 Mb

Vallheru v1.9

[en] - This is a text RPG multiplayer game, played Turowo. Here you can fight monsters, other players, manage your own repository or to earn money for their own mine
1.90 Mb

Voided Alliance

[en] - This is a weak copy of the game Ogame. It has a few options and also the poor graphics.
5.01 Mb

Warlord v2

[en] - I would like to present you the engine Warlord v2. This is the second version of the engine, over which once worked with Dix'em. I wrote this using the full OOP. But as has been seen in WorkLOG-u for more than a month and a half I did not add any updates. Maybe someone else will have more patience than me. Smile Modules are listed here: Registration Login Creating a character 4 races 3rd class Map of the continent Navigating between sites Trading in the data locations (each location has its individual items) The fight with the players in the site Fight monsters (the script that creates enemies for the same level as your character) Granting of stat points (5 per level) Granting of skill points (1 per level from level 10) Adding entries to the main page (PA) Adding objects (PA) Developing character stats with stat points Adding experience for winning the fight Adding money to win the fight (depending on location) Receiving money for the lost battle (depending on location) View of the city, the state population (% racial composition) Equipment on-screen stats (OverLIB) Conversations with NPCs Simple missions in taverns (depending on location)
2.29 Mb

Xnova Revolution 5.5

[en] - This is a version of the game Xnova Revolution numbered 5.5. The stand is located on the engine rather 2Moons created by the user is created called Slayer. The game has the look of the new Ogame universe and a new login page. As for the previous version 5.4 has been corrected or roughly: The engine is at about 70% spolszczony by Enemy.
22.36 Mb
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