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MAP: View Maps / Edit Maps

Everything else will be removed. This will just be an admin map editing component. The rest of the functionality is being moved to a different admin component (SocialMUD Admin), that we'll be working on later.

  • "View Maps" is working as expected. It needs to be "1.5 Joomlafied" and generally improved (nav, submit, etc.)
  • "Edit Maps" needs much help.

The original mapmaker script included a WINDOWS program AND a PHP script. Prototype component mentioned above is installed.

We will come back to work on this more later, but for now, our goal is to have something that works and is helpful.

Our maps WILL NOT work the same way as the original game.

  • Currently, you "paint" tile backgrounds by selecting graphics (/com_phaos/images/land/). Each tile is reused many times (only 219 images total).
  • New version. Just select the name of the images/map directory. The background will be one large image (not tiles), sliced in Photoshop.

There are 2025 different images for the first map (/com_phaos/images/sand/). They are named "xx_yy.png". The first row is "01_01.png" through "01_45.png". The last square (bottom-right) is "45_45.png".

Other maps will all have the same background image names. However, the directory name will be different for each map (../images/map_jackville/ or ../images/map_new_york/). Although, the size of the map may change: bottom-right = 35_35.png or 70_70.png.

Our new map editor will instead be used to set the properties of each coordinate (special, buildings, pass, explore), NOT to design a map using tiles.

I've been working on our first new map, by hand! ...editing the database to display the correct background image for each coordinate. You can see my progress in the "view maps >>protected realms" link in the admin component. The new tiles have their names on them.

I would like to have a helpful tool that works as described.

Please take a look and let me know your thoughts.

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